Writing & Pop Culture

by Migo torres

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Kim Min-hee in The Handmaiden (2016).

The Handmaiden

“The Handmaiden” doesn’t leave its technical brilliance and narrative genius up for debate or ambiguity, it’s here for consumption.

Oscar Isaac in Inside Llewyn Davis (2013).

Inside Llewyn Davis

Beneath all the layers of pessimism, “Inside Llewyn Davis” was also a film about finding beauty in our endeavors.

Burning (2018).


Past all the hints of longing and jealousy in “Burning” lurks an undercurrent that is more intense and perverse.




Thoughts on writing

"On Writing" Cover Image 01.


While parentheses are sometimes necessary, you should use them sparingly and with caution.

"On Writing" Cover Image 01.

Serial Comma

When it comes to the Oxford comma (serial comma), a simple rule is to follow what you’ve grown accustomed to.


As writers, we share more in common than we care to admit. At the same time, we are unique in terms of how we approach our craft. Rarely do we operate under the same set of principles. Though there will always be an overlap. And so perhaps, one or two of the things that I find useful in my own pursuit can add to your own writing process.

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